Date: 2/22/14

Recently, a group of parishioners have come together to explore avenues to save Sacred Heart Parish in the event that it’s closure becomes the course of action that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia chooses to pursue. Thus far, the group has completed preliminary research into other parish closings and the methods that have been successful in allowing parishes to remain open. To that end, we have engaged the advice and services of a Canon Law adviser who has had success working with Rome in standing up for the rights of parishes. The group has also started discussions on topic areas such as strategy, fund raising, and future planning if the Archdiocese chooses to close Sacred Heart Parish/Church. A decision is expected in the May-June timeframe.

To stay ahead of the situation is what we are attempting to do, but it is also critical that we provide a unified parish position. The parishes that have succeeded in remaining open have done so with good counsel and the strong, unified will of the people standing behind the decisions that will need to be made. We look forward to bringing our Parishioners, and the Parish, Finance, and Pastoral Planning Committees up to speed on the knowledge we have gained thus far and welcome those that want to add constructively to the dialogue and the strategies that will need to be formulated and pursued.

Sacred Heart needs the unified help of all parishioners, but most especially the support of the leaders of our parish. This group started with parishioners who felt a need to do something – anything – to keep the doors of the church open and to save the parish that we deeply care for. This love has developed into an organized group that is conducting the research for the “next step” should it become necessary.

The following individuals are part of the Save Sacred Heart Committee and are open to your constructive ideas. More importantly, we hope you join our endeavors.

Kathy & Anthony Boccella   Melonie Mitchell
Joyce Cantando Bob & Linda Moser
Joan DeStefano Pat & Andy Moletzsky
Tom & Denise Kavanagh Mark & Susan Shannon
Peter & Marylynn Kohut Ken & Sheldon Opielski
Peter Kohut Jr. Michael & Susan Opielski
Mark Kuras David Swedkowski

You can contact the Save Sacred Heart Committee at:

Additional Items:

  1. Please reserve the evening of March 7th for an important meeting. More details will follow next week.
  2. The committee recently attempted to gain detailed information on the process and procedures that were followed regarding the recommendation to close Sacred Heart.  To date, we have been unsuccessful.